Exercise and Nutrition

Everyone is looking for the magic pill to make them thin, to give them a youthful body, or to give them the energy to make it through the day. It all sounds well and good, but the truth is that no pill, however good, can replace good old fashioned exercise and nutrition. Do you know the Ten Tips for a Lifetime of Leanness?

...you need to enjoy the activities you engage in or else your program will fail...


Exercise is essential to our health in this day and age. In times past, people physically labored in their daily work. As technology has increased, our daily levels of activity have decreased leaving some to lead a completely sedentary life that was once only expected of the elderly.

When we think of exercise, we often think of jogging. For some, that thought alone deters them from getting off of the couch. The truth is, if you are getting your heart rate up for a descent amount of time, chances are the activity you are doing can be qualified as exercise. The key is: you need to enjoy the activities you engage in or you will give up trying.

In fitness training, you will encounter two types of exercise, cardio (running, cycling, swimming, dancing, etc) and strength training. For most, cardio is the segment that is familiar, but it is the strength training that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to reaching your personal goals. The following is an article from another fitness professional. Please take a few minutes to read about the Benefits of Strength Training.


We all know the foods we shouldn't eat, but how many of us know the foods we should eat, and why?

Our bodies were created to process natural foods. So much of the foods we eat today are not natural, in fact, a great deal are nothing more than chemicals and food science. Think about it this way, if you walk the inner aisles of the grocery store the food comes in a box, can or bag, and chances are it isn't natural (or good for you!). The perimeter of the store holds fresh produce, meat, dairy and baked goods. Fresh is always better! Also, you will find most of your natural and organic food choices where the fresh foods are.

One of the casualties of our current society is the loss of mealtimes. It hurts not only our attempts at proper nutrition, but it also challenges the health of the next generation. When we take the time to plan our meals and stick to them, we are almost guaranteed better health because of it.

A proper balance of carbohydrates, fat (yes, FAT!), and protein, enable the body to function as it was intended. Unfortunately, many people have misunderstood the roll of fats (good fats) and carbohydrates.

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*Fitness results will vary from person to person.