Weight Loss

It is a fact of life that as we grow older our bodies don't function the same as they always have. The days of eating without thinking fall to the wayside, and calorie counting becomes more of a nightmare than an aid to better health. The truth is, every food that enters your body has an affect on your body. A healthy body knows how to process sugars, absorb nutrients, and get the most out of every food that enters.

Unfortunately, as life takes it's course, we lose sight of our health. Weight gain sneaks up on most and it isn't until the doctor explains that you are diabetic, have high cholesterol, or some other condition, that you take a moment to realize that your life is out of control. You aren't living your life to the fullest. You may have even forgotten what it was like to be that girl in the high school yearbook. Or maybe weight has always been a struggle.

...exercise, proper sleep, and nutrition are a proven combination for weight loss...

Life can take it's toll on us, but it doesn't have to make us gain weight. A lot of weight gain is directly tied to stress and anxiety. When we feel stressed, the body releases chemicals that alter the way it functions. Not only are we inclined to "medicate" ourselves with food for comfort, but the body actually responds to the sense of defeat in a stressful situation by creating fat (especially in the abdominal area), breaking down tissue, and weakening the immune system. The good news is that aerobic and anaerobic exercise, as well as proper sleep and nutrition, have been shown to be effective at reducing the stress response in our bodies.

A proper fitness and nutrition program can help you on your journey to health. Whether you have struggled with your weight for years, or are just trying to shed a few pounds to meet a personal goal, don't be discouraged! It is because of each person's uniqueness that a program that worked for your sister, co-worker, or friend may not work for you. It may not be your fault. A customized program that takes you into account may be your answer. Visit the program options area of this site and fill out the questionnaire to get started.

Exercise To Get Results

When we think of losing weight, we often hear people say that taking the stairs versus the elevator is a good start. While it is a good start, it will really do little for your weight loss unless you are running up and down those stairs as part of a workout. Most attempts at exercise are really attempts to get out of exercise.

Going to a gym can be intimidating, and buying fitness equipment can be spendy as well as confusing, yet getting a true balanced workout is the key (along with nutrition) for you to reach your health and fitness goals. A program created especially for you can help you get over your plateaus and move you toward that person you know lives inside. Let me design a balanced program for you. Your program will be customized and updated regularly to ensure progress toward your stated goals. Visit the program options area of this site and fill out the questionnaire to get started.

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*Fitness results will vary from person to person.