A Program That Matches Your Life

As a Certified Personal Trainer, I will work with you to develop a workout program that matches your schedule and fitness goals, creating a program that you will be able to integrate into your new active lifestyle and continue for years to come. By empowering you with the tools of fitness, your life will be changed! Programs include:

  • consultation
  • body composition analysis using advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Method or conventional measuring methods (some medical conditions restrict the use of the Bioelectrical Impedance Method)
  • on-site fitness and nutrition guidance by a Certified Personal Trainer
  • custom designed cardio program determined by your fitness goals and activity preference
  • custom designed resistance training program including proper technique, reps, and program cycling
  • dietary suggestions and helpful information to allow you to make healthy eating choices
  • progress monitoring

In-home fitness training is unique, in that it allows you to pursue a healthy lifestyle without being tied to a gym. Through the use of equipment that is easily transported (and also any equipment that you may already own), Tonya will design a program that will challenge you and help you to achieve your goals.

...you get better results because the program is tailored to you...

Everyone Is Unique

This is why a unique program is your answer to reaching your health and fitness goals. Many times we grab the latest diet or fitness book and try to get the results promised. The problem is that every person has a different medical history, activity level, and various other factors that can alter their results. When you work with a Certified Personal Trainer, you get better results because the program is tailored to you, not a generalized population. You also get one on one instruction to ensure that you are performing the exercises in a way that will give you the maximum benefit!

Let's Get Going!

A new, more energized you is just a click away. For information on program packages click here.


*Fitness results will vary from person to person.